Aspiration Catheter Kit

Large Aspiration Lumen

Constant, high performance Aspiration offers Quick & complete Aspiration.

Optimized Tip Design with Radio Opaque Platinum Iridium Marker Band

Smooth Tip design enhancing deliverability.
Radio Opaque Platinum Iridium Marker Band ensures relianble fluoroscopic visibility.

Braided Shaft with Hydrophobic Coating

Braided Shaft ensures excellent pushability and offers kink resistance.
30 CM hydrophilic coating from the tip ensures optimum flexibility and Trackability.

With Stylet (Removable Core Wire)

Removable core wire enhances Pushability and Anti kinking feature.
Catheter length: 145 cm
Rapid exchange length: 25 cm

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aspiration catheter kit
aspiration catheters comparison

Summary of Technical Specifications:

Usable Length145 cm
Guiding Catheter CompatibilityFor 6F Min. ID = 0.071″
For 7F Min. ID = 0.082″
Distal Tip Hole Length3mm for 6F
Rapid Exchange Segment25 cm
Guide wire compatibility0.014”

Trans PTCA kit

Y connector kit


Ideal PTCA kit for Interventional angioplasty.

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Trans PTCA kit - Y connector

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Trans PTCA Kit Std

Trans PTCA Kit by Translumina

Trans PTCA Kit Prime

Trans PTCA Kit Prime by translumina

Trans fold



We understand that tailoring the right products to each clinician’s preference is the key to optimizing outcomes and maximizing efficiency. We offer a large selection of manifolds to meet your unique needs.

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manifold connector by Translumina

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best manifold catheter in india

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manifold cardiac catheterization
y connector iv tubing

Trans Needle

Introducer needle


Puncture needle is used for gaining access into the artery for the introduction of aII the devices that are subsequently going to be used in angiography angioplasty. It has a unique diamond-shaped back cut at the tip.

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best Introducer needle by translumina

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pink hup cardiac needle

Pink hub

Trans Needle by translumina

Clear hub

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puncture needle for angiography