World’s 1st company to have 2 Drug Eluting Stent technologies with 10 years clinical safety and efficacy data

Polymer-Free Drug Eluting Stent

New Generation Polymer Free Everolimus Eluting Stent.

ISAR Summit is a Summit of Innovative Technology that shall redefine the performance of drug eluting stents as it contains Probucol which is a highly lipophilic drug and it retards the release of the drug thus ensures proper endothelization, Microporous surface acts as a reservoir for delivering drug to the targeted site and Everolimus which is a well studied drug with higher bioavailability in target tissues.

VIVO ISAR is World’s 1st Dual- Drug Polymer Free DES. The unique technology of VIVO ISAR obviates the use of a Polymer which is known to be Pro-Inflammatory and hence reduces the probability of long term adverse events like Stent Thrombosis.

VIVO ISAR utilises Probucol, an anti-lipidemic drug which mimics the role of a polymer because of its high lipophilicity. Probucol ensures the optimal release kinetics of sirolimus by retarding the release of the same proven in pre-clinical trials. The release kinetics of VIVO ISAR are equivalent to any other conventional polymer DES. VIVO ISAR is a landmark DES Technology with 10 Years Clinical Follow up data of safety and efficacy in large patient population published in Journal of American College of Cardiology.

Drug Eluting Stents

Yukon Choice PC is world’s longest studied drug eluting stent with an advanced DES technology combining the synergistic effects of surface modification and biodegradable polymer. Yukon choice PC is the 1st Asian DES to be recommended by the European Society of Cardiology Guidelines 2018 for clinical use based on its robust clinical data published in indexed international journals

The DES technology of Yukon Choice Flex is designed to redefine the flexibility in tortuous anatomy along with the synergistic effects of surface modification and biodegradable polymer. Yukon Choice Flex because of its unique connector design ensures high deliverability and trackability in complex anatomies without compromising the radial strength of the same.

The advanced DES technology of Racer CC combines thin structural design concomitating with greater Deliverability along with the synergistic effects of surface modification and biodegradable polymer.

Ultima PC offers new generation delivery system with ‘Flexi’ platform providing unmatched delivery in most tortuous vessels which is paired with customized 2-Connector stent design with thinner structural elements that provides optimal deliverability. Ultima PC also comes with new shaft design which offers optimal force transfer with excellent push-ability and kink resistance allowing high manoeuvrability, justifying its use for the most tortuous vessels.