World’s 1st company to have 2 Drug Eluting Stent technologies with 10 years clinical safety and efficacy data

The Yukon Chrome PC has the identical coating technique and coating properties (dosage, thickness) like the clinically proven Yukon Choice PC. In two independent trials ISAR-TEST 3 and ISAR-TEST 4 the Yukon DES platform showed improved longterm performance compared to 1st. Generation DES over a time period of 10 years clinical follow-up in the randomized controlled clinical trial.[3,4]

Yukon Choice PC is world’s longest studied drug eluting stent with an advanced DES technology combining the synergistic effects of surface modification and biodegradable polymer. Yukon choice PC is the 1st Asian DES to be recommended by the European Society of Cardiology Guidelines 2018 for clinical use based on its robust clinical data published in indexed international journals

The Translumina Yukon® CC represents a new generation of stent system technology based on a Cobalt-Chromium alloy. It is the first CoCr Stent with a unique micro-porous surface. The Yukon CC is in continuation of the Translumina Surface philosophy, improving healing and biocompatibility
of the implant.