The Translumina PTCA Catheter Cathy n°4 represents the next generation catheter technology with an optimum in pushability and trackability. This Balloon Catheter has been developed in order to increase the success rate when crossing the lesions. Improvements with soft and hard hightech materials result in a perfect product balance for easy navigation.

Product Brochure

The next generation in balance

Translumina makes great demand on its product development. The new PTCA Catheter Cathy n°4 stands for a well balanced concept. It combines outstanding design features to offer our customers a perfect product for the most challenging cases.

The new designed luer

The transparent luer has a positive, tactile feel assisting in navigation of the system. It is designed with an integrated protection to minimize any kinking.

The new distal shaft

Our high performance shaft consisting of a new material provides excellent pushability and kink resistance. This feature allows for high manoeuvrability.

The new flexible tip

The soft tip material combined with an improved robust segment ensures perfect crossability and trackability. This feature allows easy access to all lesions.


Small vessel design (SV)

Medium vessel design (MV)

Compliance chart