IFU Release Date: EV2.0201.18 03/2023

For previous versions of the IFUs, please contact: quality@bluemedical.com

The Everest pushes the boundary in terms of performance and safety and is viewed by interventional cardiologists across the world as a high quality workhorse PTCA catheter.
Resources Everest Brochure
Key performance characteristics of the Everest are:

Excellent Crossing

Atraumatic tip, created by our proprietary bonding and shaping technology.

Low Profile Tapered Shape Design “Tip to Balloon” Transition for Smoother Crossing Results.

Hydrophilic Coating, Covering Tip to Distal Shaft, Including the Folded Balloon.

Workhorse Standards Redefined

Wing Seal Technology

Everest is a brand of Blue Medical, manufactured in Netherlands and it is EU-MDR certified.